Teacher left firearm in restroom, elementary children located it

A teacher at a Christian school accidently left her loaded pistol in a restroom, where elementary school kids located it, state police said Tuesday.
Beth Jean Dixon, 63, set her holstered pistol on a toilet tank when she used the unisex, one-toilet bathroom Aug. 25 at Cumberland Christian School, in Chambersburg, authorities said. They said she forgot about it and left.

Four kids, ages 6 to 8, used the bathroom while the firearm was on the toilet. One kid told his parent, who told a teacher.
Dixon told administrators of what occurred and promptly stepped down in the school, authorities said.

No one was injured.

Before the event, the school didn’t have any policies regarding firearms on school grounds, the Rev. Mike Sanders, the school president, said Tuesday. School officials have now created a temporary policy prohibiting weapons unless they have been approved by the government. It still must be approved by the school board, which meets again Sept. He was heartened to discover the children’s parents had talked to them about never touching a weapon and telling an adult if they ever find one. He said he expected the ordeal would encourage other parents to do exactly the same.

Dixon continues to be charged with offenses including reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of kids.
No lawyer advice or telephone listing was available for her.

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